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  • Licensed, full-service plumbers
  • Quotes not estimates
  • Two-year guarantee

Waiting around for contractors who may not show up makes plumbing problems worse. You need a full-service plumber with upfront pricing who will show up on time.

We make plumbing painless.

We know your time is precious, so our professional plumbers arrive on time with a fully-stocked truck. Our goal is same-day plumbing solutions with straightforward pricing.

Here’s How to Get Your Approve Plumbing Solution:

  • Schedule your service call to get options with exact pricing
  • Repairs are based on your feedback
  • Get back to life with confidence and peace of mind
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What the Plumbers at Approve Plumbing Can Do for You


Full-Service Plumber Serving the Iron Range

At Approve Plumbing, we know what starts as a drip can end with a plumbing crisis. Our plumbing professionals don’t stop at solving the problem; we make plumbing personal:

  • We strive to provide quick service
  • We have straightforward pricing
  • We arrive within a two-hour window of your service time
  • We have a truck stocked with thousands of parts

Our pricing guide has options to fit your needs and budget. We give an exact price before we perform any work.

Our expert plumbers can complete most jobs right then and there. Instead of calling multiple contractors who may not show, we offer same-day or next-day service for a variety of plumbing and heating needs, including:

  • Waterline repairs and replacements
  • Drain line repairs and replacements
  • Gas line work
  • Home heating system repairs, replacements, and maintenance
  • Water heater repairs, installation, and maintenance
  • Faucets and toilets
  • Water softeners
  • Bathroom remodeling

Hydronic heating work/Boilers

Heating your home in the winter with a furnace can lead to a dry, stuffy environment. A better option for improved air quality is hydronic heating. Boilers utilize hydronic heating, which means they provide heat through various energy sources dispersing hot water or steam through your home’s pipes to radiators, radiant floor systems, or coils.

Plumber fixing gas furnace
high efficiency furnace with Bradford White

Simple Device Management

Boilers supply consistent heat for an even temperature with improved efficiency. You will also enjoy better air quality since you will not have to rely on air circulating through ductwork for heat. Our high-efficiency wall-mount boilers can save your health and your wallet. Hydronic heating services we provide are:

  • Hydronic heating installation
  • Hydronic heating repair
  • Yearly maintenance system check-ups

Our experienced plumbers understand how plumbing and heating work together. We are full-service, so with Approve Plumbing, one call fixes it all.

Water Heaters

The cost of heating water can take up 20 percent of a household budget. Despite the costs, most homeowners aren’t concerned until they are in hot water because they have no hot water.

Besides leaving you without hot water, some other water heater issues are discolored water, inadequate hot water, and leaks. If you hear disturbing sounds coming from your water heater, don’t ignore it, as the noise may be a distress signal. 

When a water heater suffers from a buildup of sediment, the tank could overheat, causing water to boil. The calcium expands as the water heats. This expansion causes the glass lining of the tank to be damaged, allowing water to come in contact with the steel tank. Shortly after, the tank begins to rust and eventually leak.

Our experienced plumbers can perform a system flush to get your water heater back to work without any more noisy reminders it is hot and bothered.

We service and install the following water heater systems:

  • Traditional tank-style water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
high efficiency furnace with Bradford White
Child Open Water Tap

Water Softeners

Water is essential for life, but not all water is created equal. If you have dull, dry hair and skin, stained sinks and bathtubs, high water bills, or constant plumbing problems, your water might be the problem.

Approve Plumbing knows the vital role water plays in our health and the health of our homes. Adding a water softener to your arsenal against hard water issues can take you from your system lasting 7-10 years to potentially lasting 50 years. Did you know a water softener can also save you 50 percent on soap usage?

We have several systems to meet your budget for both whole house filter systems and drinking water systems. If your water is leaving a bad taste in your mouth, talk to one of our expert plumbers about a water system by BrassMaster or Kinetico.



Faucets are the most used appliances. The functionality of your faucet has a direct impact on your water use and the associated costs. The materials, design, and durability should all be considered when choosing new faucets. 

We stock our truck with most faucets, especially Delta and Kohler brands. Approve Plumbing can also install frost-proof faucets and laundry tubs. 

Shower and bathtub


For bathroom projects, we cannot overstate the importance of an experienced plumber. The plumber should be the first one on the project and the last one to leave.

When we handle a bathroom remodel, we provide design assistance before the project begins. There is no project too big or too small. We can even start from scratch to give you the bathroom of your dreams. We can do plumbing system replacements or rerouting, and we provide all the fixtures for your brand new bathroom.

We Make Plumbing Personal.

Family-owned and operated, Approve Plumbing has been providing plumbing services to the entire Iron Range since 1990. The company started with the goal of stepping things up in the industry. We still operate with the same intention.

From the moment you contact us, you will know what to expect. You will be given a two-hour window for service, a pricing guide with options, and a quote, not an estimate for any work we need to do. We stock our trucks with thousands of parts and can resolve most issues on the first visit.

The team at Approve Plumbing saw a need in the Iron Range community for superior plumbing services, upfront pricing, and licensed plumbers who will show up quickly to get the work done right. We value our customers and treat your home like it’s our own. Our expert plumbers strive to connect with the customers to ensure their satisfaction. We make plumbing personal, so give us a call and make your plumbing problems a thing of the past.

Arms of business

Maintenance Agreement

It feels good to have confidence in your plumbing system. For added peace of mind, we offer several monthly coverage plans. Coverage for these plans begins 90 days after signing up. Our maintenance plans are:

Maintenance Only
  • Annual safety inspection of the entire plumbing system
  • Yearly maintenance for water heaters and boilers
  • Priority service
  • No service fee
  • No age restriction for home
  • No plumbing system inspection required

Maintenance and Repair
  • Everything from Maintenance Only Plan
  • Complete plumbing system coverage for any repairs to water lines, drain lines, faucets, toilets, or sinks with an incident and yearly cost cap.
  • Discount on all plumbing system repairs over the incident or yearly cap.
  • Discount on any portion of the plumbing system that needs to be replaced.

Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement
  • This plan includes everything listed in the first two plans and a credit toward replacing your water heater or boiler.

Hydronic Heating System Repair
  • This is an add-on plan to extend repair coverage to your hydronic heating system pipes and radiators.

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The experienced and licensed local plumbers at Approve Plumbing are here when you need us. We treat customers like friends. Contact us to have a friendly conversation about your plumbing needs.

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From the moment you call to schedule your appointment, you will know what to expect. Our entire team operates with complete transparency. We give you straightforward pricing, communicate your options, and show up within a two-hour window with a fully-stocked truck.

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