About Us

Approve Plumbing is a family business.  In the late 80's, after the mining downturn, Chuck lost his job in the mines.  Determined to stay on the range and raise his 4 sons here, he worked whatever jobs he could find.  His background in Civil Engineering lent itself to plumbing quite well.  After several years of learning the trade, CS Plumbing was born.  For many years Chuck and his 4 sons worked on residential repairs and new constructon.  In the early 2000's, with one son (Luke) looking to make plumbing his career, the business took a new direction.  Approve Plumbing was formed to focus on the needs in the residential service plumbing area.  We found that our customers needed a plumber who could come quickly.  The industry standard is to wait up to two weeks to get a plumber to come and then they usally are late or do not show up at all.  We saw an opportunity to serve our customers better and we have been striving towards that end ever since.  

Luke now does all the field work while Chuck handles the phones and office work.

Soon to enter the workforce are Luke's 4 sons.  Helping daddy is a great opportunity to learn the value of hard work.

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